Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Article Response

…While I was reading the article, I became more and more, well, frustrated with it. I know that it was just someone’s opinion on how to live your life, but to me it was just coming off as somebody who was acting like they were better than the people who don’t live the way they do. For example, when Frank was talking about how all the things he’d done to help the needy, to me it was just like he was showing off, ‘Hey I did all these things, but that’s not important, even though the examples were pretty specific.’ I mean, I’m all for helping the planet become greener and reduce our carbon footprint on it, but I draw the line at how people force it on you. This article is in no way forcing it, but it was in a way feeding it heavily to me.
When he was talking about reusing a pop can, I kind of got a little upset at that. That’s getting a little too specific and show-offy about how he (Frank) was being a ‘good citizen’ and ‘helping be a greener person’; you can be just as green by recycling it. I don’t know, regarding ethics, he makes plenty of good points about how reusing and recycling can help you be a ‘better’ person, but I feel like you can’t become a better person by reusing/recycling. You are stuck at a preset for you, and you can’t change it.

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