Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why did I choose this major?

Why did I decide to become a Graphic Design major? This picture right here, well this is one of the reasons.
This is concept art of a city in the Gears of War 3 game; it was a city that was directly hit by an orbital laser beam as asset denial to the enemies in the game. The colors of it describe the mood perfectly; dark and somber.
Another reason that I decided on Graphic Design is I love drawing. I used to spend massive amounts of time in high school doodling on my homework instead of paying attention (not necessarily proud of that), notes, tests, quizzes, almost every sort of paper that was handed to me. Unless the paper was important, my papers had no blank spaces around the edges. It was almost habitual for me; it actually helped me pay attention. Don’t ask me how, but when I was doodling, I just somehow found it way easier to learn the stuff we would have been talking about if I wasn’t paying attention and doodling.
I don’t really have a favorite artist or designer; but I do have multiple favorite studios for art for video games. I’d say that it’s either Epic Games for my favorite game series, Gears of War, High Moon Studios for their Transformers games, or Rockstar Games for their Grand Theft Auto/Red Dead Redemption series. I really love those studios because their art in games have such amazing attention to detail for extremely small things; like in Gears of War, the small flowers that seeped through the broken concrete that actually swayed in the wind in the game.


  1. Questions for Travis:
    1) What about that picture spoke to you and made you decide that Graphic Design was for you?
    2) What about drawing do you love? For example; the freedom to draw whatever you want or the completed piece?
    3) What about those studios makes them your favorite?
    4) If you had the opportunity to choose, which studio would you work at and why?
    5) When you get done drawing, are you always happy with your work or do you sometimes look at it and change it?
    6) Lastly, if you couldn’t do Graphic Design, what would be your alternative major?

    1. 1) The thing that spoke to me the most from the picture was the extremely sci-fi-ish/horror aspect of it. I love sci-fi and horror type video games/movies, and this type of picture is the sort of thing I hope to be able to accomplish someday. It spoke to me in way that made me think ‘This is what I want to do. This is what I want to spend my life doing.’

      2) I love both aspects of drawing I love the freedom to do whatever I want, but the final product is what pleases me the most. Seeing it in all of its glory gives me a sense of accomplishment.

      3) I love their hyper attention to detail. In Gears of War (Epic Studios), you can see the small patches of grass sway in the wind, the empty casings of bullets falling out of the guns as you’re firing, and the (not to be sadistic) attention to detail of the internal bits and pieces of the characters if they get blown up playing online multiplayer. The hyper attention to detail is extremely apparent in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto game series. For example, they have more than 100 people just working on a single section of a city alone, putting in small details such as posters, billboards, being able to see the weave in the carbon fiber in the car rims, and so much more. High Moon, my favorite of theirs being the Transformers games, showed their attention to detail in the moving gears of the Transformers, the shape-shifting of the buildings, and in one specific case, an entire city transformed and you could see the dust and small bits of metal falling off him when he transformed

      4) I would choose Epic Studios. They created my favorite game series of all time, Gears of War, and they have such a different sci-fi art style that intrigues me incredibly.

      5) I’m constantly changing my art that I’ve done. I rarely, if ever, look at a project and say ‘That is exactly how I pictured it.’

      6) If I couldn’t do Graphic design, it’d be Journalism, mainly automotive journalism. I have an intense passion for cars, and road testing them and writing an article on them seems quite appealing to me.